Freight company TransAl is not only an external-economic strategy, transport and logistic operations all over the world. It’s an extraordinary team of interesting and creative people, of professional specialists, who develop the company and themselves.

TransAl – is our company, employees, partners, alter egos

  • We join our goals and plans of development we are the resource for our inter-creation. We are a family.
  • TransAl is a laboratory of creation. Getting knowledge and practicing it, we generalize the experience; create new knowledge and pass it. We are needed, because we know.
  • Career development, training inside and outside the company, social package and partaking in the profit, family teambuilding – this is the basis of our HR politics. We have everything for the growth.
  • We care about the staff stability, but look ahead. We are looking for talents in higher education establishments help the newcomers to adapt in our company and we are ready to comprehend something new. Join us!


If You want to have a job with people, ideas and documents, that is not boring; to have one of the most preferable professions; if you can think systemically, ready to be taught the things nobody teach, and even start from the very beginning; can communicate and delegate authorities – you are the insider!


Helping you in your self-actualizing, we must and can:


  • Suggest you the design of your future in the international logistics, investigating Your CV.
  • Help you and your professional orientation, giving you advice and professional training our specialties.
  • Suggest you to be in training in our company(for students).
  • Give a possibility to be trained inside the company and to be invested to train outside our (for engaged employees).
  • Investigate your partnership proposal whether, you are a part of the company’s stuff or not.


If You want to work with us or be in training in our company, You can:

  1. fill in the candidate’s questionnaire in our site or
  2. download the candidate’s questionnaire, fill it in and send to our  e-mail or fax +7-327-2672376, 2672377, 2672380  (ext. 103)
  3. Fill in the trainee’s questionnaire.


If any appropriate vacancy, cross offer and interest, our managers will   immediately contact you and invite you to the job interview  


Highlightings with hyperlinks:

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We – page Staff

HRpolitics – pageHRpolitics

Your CV– page Letters on with ре: CV for consideration

Training – page Training center

Practice – page To a trainee

For the engaged employees – page HR politics

Partnership proposal – page A request for co-operation

Candidate’s questionnaire – page Candidate’s questionnaire (online)

Candidate’s questionnaire – fax form of the Candidate’s questionnaire

Trainee’s questionnaire – page To a trainee

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