Goods “from wheels”

We offer this product for those customers, which:

– are non-residents of Kazakhstan (the foreign companies or their representations without the right of commercial activity in the territory of Kazakhstan);

– aren’t participants of foreign economic activity, have no opportunity or desire to sign contracts with suppliers abroad, and also to be engaged in transportations, customs and other questions of logistics.


Trust in experts and order to them necessary goods according to the demand or the catalog.


We offer a complex of trade and logistic operations:

Implementation of demands of participants of the local market on delivery of goods and processing equipment, including having innovative, experimental, single nature of delivery, or the equipment, the price on which in our market is unrealistically inflated by corporate dealers, representatives of the producer, or high overhead costs;

Delivery to the local markets of production with use of the advanced logistic solutions and technologies;

Transfer to the customer of production with obvious decrease in sale price and overhead costs of advertizing and marketing, of internal logistic processing, without pre-sale and trade margin.

At the request of the customer  Company “Transal”:

Makes necessary market researches, finds necessary goods, and performs transport part of the contract;

Provides optimum character of the transaction with use of knowledge of all advantages of the local legislation and the legislation of exporters; will hold negotiations, observing interests of the customer;

Provide more economic scheme of delivery, than the forwarding agent of the supplier, executes the transaction on the most favorable terms of delivery and itself to get insurance;

Produce customs clearance, unload and deliver the goods to the buyer from the TSW, having provided necessary certifications and examinations.



Why “Transal”?

We receive the lowest, “local” prices from our partners;

We use the most favorable schemes of transportation (“additional delivery”, “lift”, consolidation);

We optimize customs expenses; we will make inexpensive examinations and certification;

We exclude the excessive expenses connected with mediation services;

We work directly with producers of goods;

We carry out search of any other goods in its type, the set characteristics or properties.


Taking into account use of the whole complex of logistic solutions, in most cases the final price becomes below any similar offer from the competing and specialized companies. The product price from Europe and America becomes comparable with the product price from the countries of Asia and Russia, with incomparably higher quality.

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