Terminal Handling Services

Terminal services are the part of logistic chain in cargo service at a final or intermediate delivery point (terminal) and physical, expert, documentary and special operations connected with it.

  • ·delivery/PU of shipment to carrier or consignee  
  • ·loading/reloading of goods to the transport   
  • ·storage of goods in different storage conditions
  • ·packing, consolidation and de-consolidation ,
  • ·customs and documentary cargo procedures before shipping or receipt.
  • ·acceptanceanddeliveryoperations операциям с производством экспертных, финансовых, сюрвейерских и аварийных процедур,
  • ·processingofshipmentstillthereadinessforsellingandgivingthemspecialexport/importqualities, etc.

Terminal handling is the kind of service you use if:   

  • You don’t have warehouse and need to collect, consolidate, store, distribute and de-consolidate goods for cargo operations.
  • Your shipper is responsible for transportation to the warehouse and “to door” delivery is up on you (Incoterms group C).  PU and delivery of goods can be provided to any point a car can reach and you’ll have to make customs and credit clearance;
  • •Your customer is responsible for transportation of goods from warehouse (Incoterms products F) and you’re responsible for transportation of shipment cleared for export. Time of PU and delivery to the warehouse can be appointed in details;
  • •You’re responsible for “door-to-door” delivery (Incoterms group D) and you nee to calculate and order terminal handling at shipper’s and consignee’s warehouses.

Компания «TransAl» offers to its customers the most optimal decisions in terminal handling at all kinds of warehouses and terminals for all transportation modes. Long term practice of cargo service all over the world, qualified staff, along with combination of most progressive local and European technologies, contemporary computer systems and communication means allow us to offer fast, reliable and perfect terminal service.

We can offer the following in complex of terminal services:

  • Any kind of storage (including rent of storage areas, safes, special areas, storage services of our partners in different countries of the world);
  • All storage conditions (including customs, body, temperature, for oversize and dangerous cargoes);
  • Delivery of shipments within city, inclusive of valuables delivery with armed security. Deliverytoregions;  
  • Full range of documentary service, inclusive of customs declarations, insurance, damage, documents of independent expertise and certification, other finance, claim, etc. documentation   
  • loading works (mechanical and hand), racking, palletizing, packing and unpacking, forming of pieces and assembling and destination;     

Calculation of charges will be made by our managers individually for each case according to detailed information about shipment and services you need. Send us filled request form or call and our manager will accept the request by the phone.

With TransAl you can use competitive tariffs and qualitative service!

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