Courier services

Courier service is a link of logistics chain in cargo services which is connected with receipt and delivery of the document sat final or middle destination (terminal) and also in an other links of car go processing from shipper to final destination and operations connected with it: special operations in changing, a just of documents in favor of business parties:

  • ·Visit of a specialist to a place of transfer/issue of documents
  • ·Receipt of documents from shipper for/in favor of consignee inclusive of checking the documents package and fixing problems of cargo delivery to transitional points
  • ·Issuing and adjustment of delivery and acceptance acts, shortages, damage and inappropriate documentation
  • ·Search, salvage, additional delivery and/or change of missing documentation into similar once
  • ·Delivery of documents to the next transit point or to a consignee,
  • ·delivery and acceptance operations inclusive of issuing financial, surveyor’s and trust procedures in favor of parties,

Courier operations is a kind of a service you use if:

  • •You have no inspecting specialists who can check shipping documents and it’s necessary to receive, store, and deliver documents for further cargo operations .
  • •You do not delegate full complex of logistic services to your logistic agent but only a part of it and complete the rest of necessary services yourself or with the help of another logistic organizations. Pick up and delivery of documents can be provided at/to any point where the customs clearance, credit clearance, etc. take place;
  • •Your carrier is leaving shipment at one of transit points and it’s necessary to deliver documents for further receipt/delivery operations. Time of pick up and delivery of documents from/to warehouse can b agreed;
  • •You are in charge of documentation delivery from one point of logistics operations to another and you have to calculate and pay a visit of a specialist or another courier service to your logistic agent which is cheaper and more effective.

TransAl provides to its customers courier services at all kinds of warehouses, terminals and transportation modes, consolidating them with other documents and coordinating professional operations. Long term practice of cargo services, reliable contacts, qualified stuff, which is ready to go against any illegal actions, critics; contemporary means of communication allow us to offer fast, reliable and professional courier service. We can offer both full and partial courier service for delivery and acceptance or exchange of documents:

  • •Receipt of your documents;
  • •Analyses of quantity, completeness, format and accuracy of the documents sent by another party and/or after execution
  • •Delivery and acceptance procedures, expertise and issuing of documents
  • •Delivery of documents from/to warehouse, delivery of documents to regions;
  • •Delivery of contracts, invoices, acts, etc. to the mentioned addresses together with cargo documentation;

Calculation of charges for services will be made by our managers individually for each case. Fill in the request form or call us and our manager will fill in the request by the phone.

Together with TransAl you can use competitive tariffs and qualitative service!


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