Complex of services for jewellery fair ARU

Freight Company TransAl is the official forwarder of annual fair ARUheld by «Kazexpo»on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. TransAl provides the following services:

Consulting in:

  • Presentation of exhibits on the territory of Kazakhstan,
  • Optimal transportation schemes of delivery and return of  exhibits,
  • Liability insurance within the frames of  business activities,
  • Foreign economic activity transactions and their contract support,
  • Retailtradingand taxation;

Transportationof exhibition cargoes (import-export);

Execution of documents (transportation, accompanying, customs, including declaration);

– Customs clearance (license of customs broker №48) in all regimes, including change of regime for exhibits (including precious stones);

Assay office services (IМ-40)

Delivery of exhibits with armed security:

  • From aircraft board to the safe;
  • From safe to the booth or to client;
  • From the booth or client to the safe;
  • From safe to aircraft board.

Customs warehouse services (including safe storage of valuable cargoes, storage of packaging during exhibition, etc.);

Services of agent, payer, representative on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Other non-attorney legal services (patent №10980)

Other forwarding and additional services:

  • Expertise, translation of documents
  • Insurance of all kinds
  • Forwarding/tracing
  • Observation of the booth/ exhibition monitoring
  • Courier services
  • Meeting of participants, escorting of luggage to the safe
  • Organization of negotiations and marketing activity
  • Search and recruitment of staff
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