Legal non-advocatory services

Legal non-advocatory services

Mean the complex of single, package, regular services and/or subscriber’s relations of legal and pretension support provided by the company for:   

  • regular customers cooperating with TransAl within any activity,
  • all property and resident categories, coming to international and Kazakhstan market and wanting legal support of separate projects and/or full complex of it’s activity,
  • potential customers of international logistics services

Legal support is possible in following activities:  

  • Export-import. Common and civil contract law. Organization of foreign economic activity; development, legal audit and correction of contract and organization documents, development and critics of commercial offers, legal support of negotiations considering requirements of local and international legislation, legal pre-trial conflictology, compromises and deals in the most advantageous formats, arbitrary organizations recourse, trusty services. Pretension and claim activity in foreign economic.


  • Logistics: following general legal standards of logistics activity, legal support of contracts’ logistic aspects, legal control of logistic agents.
  • Legal management of transport organizations (all transportation modes: multimodal, intermodal). International and local transport legislation. Transportation rules. Relations with carrier and transportation infrastructure. Negotiations, court practice, arbitration.
  • Customs law. Legal support of customs procedures, correction and legal protection of customs value, negotiations with customs authorities, claims and pre-trial work, representative in court, appeal of adjudgments.
  • Insurance law. Insurance rules, disputes with insurers. Development, audit and protection of insurance interests and documents. Emergency, surveyor’s procedures and documents, payments and obligations of the parties. Regress requirements.
  • Tax law. Mutual counts, VAT remission and holiday. Protection from double taxation. Taxes for non-residents profit. Optimization of taxation via logistics.


  • ·We’re making independent research and get necessary information from well-tried sources  
  • We’re connected with number of experts expert of certification organizations by cooperation agreement , we do project work, we’re a base for documents innovation
  • We have number of educational programs in foreign economic activity management for logistics managers
  • Within frames of customer orientation we developed number of consulting products, we have results where hours or days of your work are necessary
  • We make a search of alternative decisions from the position of protection of customer’s interests. This is why we develop a number of database and supporting programs.
  • We have our own logistic file-cabinet and make big consulting work including subscribers work. We’re in contact with specialists in many different spheres of commodity and logistic circulation, with arbitration and collector’s organizations.
  • We’ll keep confidentiality of received and given information within request of a specialist to a specialist .
  • Within program of due diligence we must consider a lot of variants, many of which will never realize but are kept in the company’s memory. Experience of our company is accumulated not only in theory but in practice of our own work and work of our partners. This is why our company successfully diversifies its activity to expert and consulting ones.

Rely on specialists and order necessary services and work. We have qualified stuff and licenses: of customs representative (inclusive of customs applicant’s services), legal non-advocatory activity, resources of international organizations and chambers of commerce and industry. Our company participates in work of many working groups developing intellectual products, drafts of logistic and transport legislation.

Thanks to TransAl you can use competitive tariffs and qualitative service!  

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