transport logistics

Consultation on questions of the organization of the international transport logistics.

Product name:

Training and consultingmodule- seminar “Logistics FEA”

Form and venue:

The exit, on the basis of the enterprise of the customer

The exit, on the basis of educational institution

On the basis of the enterprise – the consultant


Legal support international logistic Kazakhstan.

Management of the international transport logistics.

Tutoring occupations.

Duration: 31 hours


It is intended for:

CEOs— participants of foreign trade activities.

The managers making decisions on purchases and sales

The Managers controlling calculation, analysis and performance of contracts on deliveries.

Specialists of departments:

– marketing

– foreign economic relations

– logistics and transport

– legal support

Insurance and customs brokers, surveyors and emergency commissioners

Students and listeners of training programs on management, the international business and marketing



Analysis and revision:

client and partner strategies FEA

contracts policy

articles and volumes of the expenses, financing and investments

missions and strategy of the enterprises



Externally — economic relations and implementation methods

Marketing solutions in the field of foreign economic activity

Calculations and the analysis of contracts on deliveries

Relationship with logistic services and intermediaries

Estimates, managements and delegations of all types of risks logistics


Providing listeners with a necessary minimum of knowledge on:

Packages of logistic services and criteria of their realization and use of the global market,

Assessment and planning of articles of expenses for logistics, methods of logistic calculations in design management

The volumes and principles of the taxation through logistics

Legal aspects of management and delegation of responsibility and risks



New segments, the centers and products for the logistic market

New stereotypes of the foreign economic behavior

Adequate idea of bought (imported) goods and services


Why “TransAl”?


The international freight operator with an experience of practical work. Exclusive agent of global cargo networks “Atlas”, “WCA”.

Specialization in granting to customers of the knowledge-intensive products of logistics of the import which row (for example, “lazy leasing”) are unique and are accepted in portfolios of CCI of a number of the European states as standard carriers on branch.

The owner of the prizes “2nd International Transport Award” (Madrid, 1999), “International Gold Star for Quality” (Geneva, 2000), “Golden Europe Award for Quality” (2001 and 2002).

Individual member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), TLC (International Trade Leaders Club), a representative IELA (International association of exhibition forwarders) in Kazakhstan, National Association of Freight Forwarding agents of Kazakhstan, Association of quality of Kazakhstan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kazakhstan, the founder of Commerce, Industry and craft chamber Alma-Ata.


State licenses:

– customs broker on the territory of Kazakhstan (No. 048),

– on legal services, examinations and consultation (No. 910)


Employees had additional training within the international IATA, FIATA programs, the World bank (World Bank), Economic Development Institute, fund of “Know How”, IATP (USA), the Canadian expert service CESO, the Heilbronn (Hochschule Heilbronn) Higher School of logistics (Germany), etc.


Transal acts as the consultant of a number of the international programs for the line TASIS, UNDP, American Chamber of Commerce, ICC.


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