Complex of exhibition services

Freight Company TransAl is the official forwarder of exhibitions organized by Kazexpo on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. TransAlprovidesthefollowingservices:

Consultations concerning:

  • Representation of exhibits on the territory of Kazakhstan,
  • Optimal transportation schemes of delivery and return of exhibits,
  • Insurance and responsibility within frames of commercial activity,
  • Foreign-economic activities and their contract maintenance,
  • Retailtradeandtaxation;

Transportation of exhibition cargoes(import-export) by any mode of transport;

Execution of documents (cargo, accompanying, customs, including declaration);

– Customs clearance (customs broker licence №48) of any regime, including change of regime for exhibits (including precious stones);

– Services in execution of certificate of conformity and in assay office (for jewellery exhibition ARU, IM-40)

Delivery of exhibits with armed security:

  • From the board to the safe;
  • From the safe to the booth or client;
  • From the booth to the client or safe;
  • From the safe to the board.

Services of customs warehousing (including warehousing of valuable cargoes in safes, warehousing of packing during exhibition, etc.);

Services of agent, payer, representative on the territory of Kazakhstan

Judicial non-advocatory services(license №10980)

Other forwarding and additional services:

  • Expertise, translation of documents
  • Insurance of all kinds of responsibility
  • Forwarding / tracing
  • Looking after the booth, exhibition monitoring
  • Courier
  • Meeting of the exhibitors, escort of the luggage to the safe
  • Organization of negotiations and marketing activities
  • Services of search and recruitment of staff


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