Requirements of customers to TransAl’s products

  1.      Qualified consultations in offered and alternative transportation and logistics schemes, modes of transportation, optimal freight and ways of logistic pricing, taxes and other payments to budget, determination of transportation factors and components of goods’ price.


  1.      Full information about company’s services and their components, irrespective of the facts that the services are provided by our company, its partners or are bought for resale.


  1.      Competitiveness of prices. Clear and authentic criteria of services costs and calculations.   Acceptability of total price.


  1.      Flexibility of prices: possibility to get the discount, concession, respite of payments, other package services provided to a client timely and in understandable form.


  1.      Timeliness (observance of dates, regularity, urgency) of logistic operations and their components:
  • Prompt reply to request, offers, notes (usually within a day);
  • Control of shipment and regular informing of a customer about sequence and terms of services;
  • Observance of specified and normative time of transport and logistics operations;
  • Submission of terms not specified with customer to normative or average once.


  1.      Reliability (performance of services in requested scope, quality and within requested time) of logistic operations and their components.


  1.      Safety  (without loss, damage, mudding) of logistic operations and their components:
  • Qualified preparation of products for transportation including specified and normative : packing, warehouse works, preparation of information for carrier and customer, preparation of necessary documents, export licenses, quarantine, veterinary, sanitary permits, packing lists and certificates;
  • Accurate carrying out of customers instructions and normative requirements to terminal operations and transfer of cargo to a carrier and from carrier
  • Qualitative stevedore and warehouse operations, credit clearance of shipping documents, delivery of shipment to consignee;
  • Qualitative search of shipment;
  • Qualitative claims, pretentions, arbitration cases.


  1.      Correct and timely execution of documents for services (invoices, acts, protocols, etc.) Original declarations, transportation and other documents meant for customer including delivery to customer’s office.


  1.      Absolute consideration and safeguarding of customer’s interest sat all stages of logistic chain;  foreground and careful attitude to customer’s shipmentor’s problem:
  • Favorable and likeable conditions for taking decisions by a customer;
  • Full and complete information; presentation material and documentation convenient for a customer; convenient forms of information delivery;
  • Confidentiality and alternativeness at discussing interests, problems and solutions, offered agreements and cooperation results;
  • Attentive and qualified staff, reasonable delegation of functions;
  • Tidy office, high level of communications and administrative decisions, attractive interior;
  • Effective communication with a customer before and after services performance:
  • Newandunsatisfiedlogisticneeds;
  • New products and more optimal schemes and prices;
  • Analysis of quality and prices of the services provided by company, etc.
  • Convenient and loyal payment terms for provided services;
  • Timely payment in insurance events, most optimal forms of payment;
  • Legality of TransAl’s services and legality of all the consequences of these services.
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