Logistics from Almaty.

  1. Almaty is a gate to Central Asia, its brains, it’s financial and cultural center.

We aspire to achieve the most progressive standards of clients’ services irrespective of their location.

We know that they have a right to receive the best from Almaty.

We want to make the brand “Made in Almaty” a model of the branch.

  1. A talented logistic decision is our product and vector of development.  

We want to earn cutting expenditures and efforts, distances and obstacles on the way of Kazakhstan to the world. We know that development of the branch and the country is impossible without it. 

We aspire to solve difficult tasks immediately and impossible tasks a little later.

  1. Author’s schemes and innovator’s approach are the challenge to the competence of everybody who works in a company with it.

We aspire to know to be able to do.

We know that there is no creation without join of theory with practice

We want to master new quality teaching others and giving examples by our work. 

  1. Our stuff is the main asset of the company. Our capital is the company’s reputation.  We know that by joint efforts and using professional and personal features of each employee we’ll create new products and new quality of life.

We want to be proud of our company and personal contribution into development of the company.

  1. Reliability is the trade mark of the company.
  2. We know that we’re entrusted property and interests.

We aspire to serve and protect them in time.



T-  talented logistics decisions from Almaty

R –  reputation based on reliability and trust

А–  author’s schemes and innovator’s approach

N– new quality and care about a client

S – stuff – one team

А–  adequate terms

L  loyalty


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