Customs seminar

Consultations in

Organization of foreign-economic activity logistics in a company

Name of the product:

Training module – seminar “Relations and disputes with customs authorities”

Form and place:

  • Visiting, at customer’s base
  • Visiting, at institution base
  • At own base


  • Actual issues in determination of customs value, decrease of correction risk, HS codes. Relationswithfiscalorganizations.
  • Returnofcustomspayments. Recovery of damages.  
  • Issues of administrative and criminal responsibility  

Lasting: 16 hours

Meant for :

  • Managers of companies participating in foreign economic activity.
  • Sole traders, wholesale buyers – sellers of imported goods
  • Managers making decisions in purchase and sales
  • Managers controlling calculations, analysis and performance of delivery contracts.
  • Specialists of departments:

–          foreign economic relations

–          logistics and transport

–          legal support

  • Customs brokers and applicants
  • Carriers, lawyers
  • Students and listeners of training programs in logistics and customs


  • Analysis and reconsideration of:

–          Relations with customs authorities on principles of mutual demanding and legality

–          Contract and legal politics

–          items and volume of expenses, financing and investments

–          strategies of companies for reduce of expenditures during crisis

  • Optimization:

–          foreign economic relations and methods of their realization

–          decisions in foreign economic activity

–          calculations and analysis of delivery contracts during crisis

–          relations with logistic intermediaries, applicants, brokers

–          estimation, management and delegation of all customs risks

–          legalregulationofcustomsissues, claimspractice

  • Supply of necessary knowledge minimum concerning:

–          Determination of customs value and correction risks

–          Solution of unforeseen problems and optimization of customs expenditures and paperwork

–          Formation, monitoring and improvement of relations with customs authorities and intermediaries

–          Maximal use of national legal resources and international rules in customs

–          Optimal packages of customs broker services and criteria of their valuation

–          Estimation and planning of customs cost items, methods of argumentation and legal groundwork

  • Development of:

–          new instructions, instruction sheets for supply, legal and logistic departments

–          new stereotypes of legal interests protection and legal proceeding

–          adequate idea of purchased or traded for export goods as of functions and rights in their legal groundwork


Why «TransAl»?

  • Longtermexperienceinconsultingandexpertwork. Number of developed courses and seminars of MBA level are unique and were held in Kazakhstan and abroad.
  • International freight operator with practical experience. Exclusive agent of networks “Atlas”, “WCA”.
  • Specializationinknowledge-intensiveimportlogisticproductsnumberofwhich (forexample “lazyleasing”) isuniqueandacceptedtopackagesofChambersofCommerceandindustryinmanyEuropeancountriesasastandard
  • Legal licenses:

–          of customs broker on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (№048),

–          for legal services, expertise and consulting (№ 910)

  • Holder of «2- nd transportation Prize» (Madrid, 1999), «International Gold star for quality” (Geneva, 2000), «Gold European prize for quality”  (2001 and 2002).
  • Individual  FIATA member (International Federation of Freight Forwarders), TLC (Trade leaders club), representative of IELA (International exhibition logistics association) in Kazakhstan, National Association of Kazakhstan forwarders, Kazakhstan Quality Association, Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Our stuff had additional training within international programs of IATA, FIATA, World Bank, Economic Development Institute, “Know How» fund,  IATP (USA),  Canadian Expert Service CESO, Heilbronn High Logistics School (Germany), PMI (USA), etc.
  • TransAl is the consultant for many international TASIS, UNDP, American Chamber of Commerce, ICC programs.
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