To partners

Dearcolleague, partner, customer!

Are you looking for help in the solving of the logistics tasks of your company? Do you want to determine possible areas of collaboration? You are on the right way, if

  • You are engaged in the foreign economic activity
  • You have no or not enough experience of the logistics provision of this activity
  • You want to optimize either expenses  or the scheme of the making decisions
  • You are looking for a reliable helper in the management of the logistics network links
  • Have problems with the quality of deliveries and need a protection of your interests
  • Want to know how to influence the foreign economic partners using law and knowledge
  • Looking for a provider of the logictics services both in complex or packages and by retail

Let us introduce you the freight company TransAl, whose specialization is the foreign economic logistics services provision with planning and salvation of the management tasks for companies of different sizes and profiles.

Everything for your cargoes is not only our slogan but the full range of our services where you can choose one and/or all services, get the products, developed by the company and choose the package which is optimal for you. The pricing and discount politics is developed for the clients. It considers either your stability in choosing us as a logistic partner or the complexity of the tasks we solve and the responsibility we take on.

The higher it is the cheaper our services are. With the approach like this your problems are our concern. We will consider them ourselves, calculate the opportunities of their minimization.  We will have nobody to blame if the scheme, the coordination of the functions and the responsibilities are ours. The main thing is to use all the information about a product you have in the aggregate with the professional knowledge about the rules of using it and the professional experience joined with the principals of due diligence which, believe us, we can be proud of.

We will share them as we can improve in very short terms not only the made decisions but also the decisions that were problematic because of the complexity and expensiveness and led to the refusal from the business. That’s why setting logistic tasks of the company can require the expertise of the current logistics condition of your company, consulting and even training the logistics managers which you can have in our company.

We will also provide you the supporting of those logistics questions and expenses that should be optimized. We will be helpful both to the importer and exporter. The shipper will be suggested an optimized scheme of the shipment and additional loading. WelcometotheTransAlCompany! We are sure that we have the things to think about together, to work with together and to agree.



VassiliyV. Korolyov,

General Director

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