Rail Deliveries

The railway transport offers you the cheep and qualitative service

in most regions of Kazakhstan, CIS, Europe, China etc.


The railway deliveries with «TransAl» are:

  • approach lines in regions difficult to access by others transport means
  • approach lines to the most sea ports in different regions of the land, and this allows us to suggest the multimodal transportation services together with sea transport
  • deliveries of large dimensioned , heavy, tanker, bulk, dangerous and other  cargoes of any volume
  • safety. Possibility to trace the cargo moving during all the route;


Our contacts in the world will provide you with the most optimal schemes of cargo deliveries by railway and sea transports, including the wide range of services and the most beneficial prices with safety service in the world. Long year experience, wide agents network, qualified staff as well as combination of the modern local and European technologies, modern computer systems and communication let us suggest you the quick, liable and perfect international transport services.


In complex of railway services the company
«TransAl» suggestss:

  • wagons, containers and platforms order;
  • tariff calculations for railway transportation;
  • mixed and combined deliveries;
  • warehousing in Europe;
  • terminal services
  • «door-to-door» deliveries, incl. full pocket of documents, stevedoring;
  • tracing, forwarding;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs procedures.


Our managers will give you prompt and qualified answer with estimate and clarification of all transportation details, provide you with all necessary papers and consultations.


Thanks to “TransAl” you will have the competitive rates and qualitative services!

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