HR politics of “TransAl” company

Basic Principles of TransAl’s HR politics:

  • TransAl Company – is the general “Me”of its employees. Our employees, Partners, Alter egos. Being one team, we make up and do services, create our own culture and sphere. We are in charge of our work and professional growth. Interacting and socializing, we create new ourselves. It’s always more interesting to do something together!
  • Our company’s employee is not a small screw, but a creator, whose professional and personal characteristics are the main value of the Company. TransAl’s aim is to become karaoke for every voice and any song. Our company’s success depends on the happy people’s ability to co-operate.
  • Talented logistics solution only from the trained, creative and open-hearted people. We need a wish and ability of our employee to be trained, a continuous professional and cultural growth, our communication skills development and a goal achievement like air, because all these determine the company products’ level.
  •  The employee’s prosperity and the level of the life growth are directly concerned with the company’s work effectiveness growth. We create TransAl to satisfy our financial and mental requirements together, to make ourselves trouble-free and happy by the co-operative creation.


You can get everything through:

  • Stimulation and development of the democratic way of management, creation and development of the instruments of delegation, co-operations and communications on all levels of our company. There shouldn’t be any decisions that were not discussed, any discussions that were not heard.
  • Creation of the company, as a factor and a result of the stepping into a goal of everybody. Along with the adaptation to the market requirements there is a creation and dream genius stimulation, the freshest innovation ideas and projects realization. Open-heartiness and creational interchange of the ideas on all the levels of the company.
  • Creation and arrangement of the working places, supplying them with everything for creative work and working efficiency improvement. Required maintenance of the comfortable and engaging atmosphere in the office– is all in our hands. Office is our second home indeed!
  • Motivation and maintenance of the energy and initiative of the employees,  material incentives of the employees executive, project and science-intensive work, aspiration to refine the production.
  • Investing the employee. Stimulation his training and skill development programs.
  • Development of the social programs and arrangements. Stimulation of the employees’ interest in the social life of the city and the country.


Quality – through education and creation

  • The company determines the employees’ demands for the yearly training and trains the employees inside and outside the company.
  • Our company is geared to intensive development of the branch and knowledge, works out and offers the training programs that are concerted under collaboration with professional universities in our country and abroad independently.
  • Among training programs, offered by the company, both full-time attendance and distant or combined forms of training in Kazakhstan and abroad are dealt with.  Traineeships on the leading enterprises abroad are recommended. Priorities are of the economical-judicial, transport, management, project work training.
  • Investing the employee is realized according to the special individual plan of the continuous training. The employee is trained inside the company (the time of the break-in is 6 month, budget is 100000 tn.) and has a right to brake-in the budget 150000 tn. every 3 years outside the company. As agreed with the employee an additional budget can be given.
  • The company encourages traineeships not only on the enterprise base, but also engages students, candidates for a master degree and trainees into the co-operative study projects and trainings. They are suggested the themes for co-operative discussion as the important element of co-operative career guidance work.
  • The company also encourages scientific, promotional and teacher work and orients the employees for the participation.


Let’s take care about each other

  • The stuff schedules are reconsidered every 2 years and amendments of the salaries and positions of the most active employees are made.
  •  The question of the employees’ rating is solved on the attestation lists basis. High results, like any other activity on the working place are stimulated materially.
  • Our company has worked out the system of the material share of the company’s activity and adapts this system every year. The more you do – the more you get!
  •  Our company provides the employees with free dinners, fuel and amortization for their cars.
  •  The plan of every month entertainment and sports events at company’s cost is accepted in the company. Presentsforbirthdays, weddingsandbabybirtharegiven.  Let’s enjoy our life together!
  • Thelifeinsurance, retirementannuity, medicalservices are beinginculcatednow.  You can’t buy health, but you have to conserve it!
  • Flexible parameters of giving additional holidays, compensatory days and also family and duty days are put in. Overtime and working on holidays are not welcome but if necessary they are paid in accordance with the law.


Agreement about purposes

  • There is a complex of interactive obligations between the employer and an employee based on the personal meetings, questioning and the agreement about purposes. The employee determines the extent of the social encouragement of his activity himself and shares his long-term plans with the company.
  •  The approach of “cafeteria” for the determination of extents and stimulation of the aggregate obligations, which makes the parties partners.
  • Investigating long-term and short-term plans of each other, parties can program co-operative activity step by step and from the criteria point of view.  .



  • Teambuilding depends on the mental, intellectual and sports requirements of the members and is worked up in accordance with the employees’ wishes and the company’s offers monthly.  We have a principle – once a month we “visit somebody’s hobby” at the company’s expense.
  • We build our own catamaran to flow down Ili River.
  • New Year in our company  is the main holiday that lasts for a month: holidays, holiday party, presents and congratulations of the clients and partners – these all will stay with us forever!
  • The company’s day is the 5-th of March. It is prepared beforehand very thoroughly. TransAl is worth of it!
  • Birthdays, the first salary days, fool day, literacy day, fisherman day, Tatiana’s day, as well as the professional events we spend together. We like to sing and dance not less than to work.
  • We work only in the working groups where everybody is tested for a leadership.  Try yourself – you will certainly succeed!


From business process – to career design

  • All duties are divided and you won’t do anybody’s work. Registers of responsibility and official duties are individually divided. The protocol of attestation and the description of the working place are discussed and accepted by the parties. Organization chart is the base of compromise.
  • All processes in the company are worked out independently on the base of the accepted program of general quality control. Instructions and instructional pamphlets is the work of the trained members of the team but not an imported material.
  • Working with projects is an important factor of the unity of tasks, resources and plans. There are long-term, month, week and day plans accepted in the company.  . Depending on who you are and how your work is programmed, the way and the periodicity of reporting are determined. The main principle is “let me see”. And all this is made on the condition of the struggle against bureaucracy.
  • Project «Ingoing to the company» is the main project in the company for a tested employee. Besides the training, the working place and the list of the duties is studied. The term of the study is about 6 month. The presentation of the position is the result of this work. Get ready to the presentation from the first day!
  • Youcanchangeanything, butaccordingtotheinstruction – analyzingthesituationandgivingrecommendationsabouttheimprovement. “Thetomorrow” ofthiscompanydependsonYou.  It’s not enough just to offer the changes; they should be introduced to see the difference and the result!
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