1. l-fiata-smFIATA –

The international Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

Since 1997 Freight Company TransAl is the associated member of FIATA.

For our clients it’s

– responsibility

– terms of delivery

– agents in 151 country of the world


  1. 08TLC –

Trade Leaders` Club

Is the association of businessmen which joins 14 000 of members – heads of big and small companies of different branches from all over the world. In  1999 TransAl was put forward for transport award for companies engaged in transportation of goods and passengers “noted for services quality  and making contribution into development of international trade and making integration of all countries into the world’s economy possible”.

After awarding in October, 4, 1999 in Madrid general director of Freight Company TransAl Vassiliy V. Korolyov became a member of international Trade Leader’s club.

anlogo3. АNEK–


Since 1997 FreightCompanyTransAlis the associated member of ANEK.

What will you benefit cooperating with companies-members on ANEK?

– professionalism

– diversification of services

– optimization of time and expenditures

– deep knowledge in transportation and documents

– optimal routes

– guarantee of cargoes safety

What will you loose if you don’t work with companies-members of ANEK?

– Your money

– Your time

– Your partners

– Your goodwill

– Other you can add yourself


alcci-logo4. Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Trade of  Almaty

“TransAl” is the founder of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Trade of Almaty

Goals of the Chamber:

– Creation of favourable conditions for development of business, protection of rights and interests of the members through the dialogue with government and regulation of relationship of businessmen with their social partners

– Connection of Chamber’s activity with development of Almaty which supposes close cooperation with various departments and Akimat of Almaty.



Since 2005 the company is a member of association of the forwarders combining operators of container, sea and air transportation from 118 countries of the world.
The association provides:
– uniform system of interaction, document of system management and risks insurance 280 companies of participants,
– united design platform for development of logistics and transportations worldwide,
– standards of customers services NVOCC, senders, recipients and transshipment companies,
– uniform requirements to the work organization, advanced IT-technologies and forwarding products

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