The road transport is the mode type of transport which you choose if your requirements to transport:

Maneuverability, delivery “door to door”. Collecting and delivery of goods can be executed in all points where can reach the car;

Urgency, regularity, high speed of delivery. Sampling time and delivery of goods can be precisely appointed;

Reliability. Opportunity to track the movement throughout all routes and to have communication with the driver accompanying freight;

Possibility of consolidation, i.e. transportation small on the volume and weight of goods. Ourselves find the freights following on the same route, and we group them in the weight, volume and character in one car.

The company “TransAl” offers its clients the best solutions to the carriage of goods by road for any distance.Long-term practice of transportations, wide agency network worldwide, qualified personnel, and also a combination of the most advanced local and European technologies, modern computer systems and communication allow us to offer fast, reliable and perfect international transport service.

In a complex of automotive services we can offer:

Any kinds of vehicle (tilt and trailer hitch of 90-120 m3, refrigerators, cars for bulky goods);

Complete cars and consolidated cargo from Europe to Kazakhstan;

Transportation of expensive goods with the armed maintenance;

Warehouse services in Europe;

Terminal services in places of departure, transfer, arrival

Delivery “from a door to a door”, including full document flow, loading and unloading works;

Tracking, forwarding;

Insurance of goods;

Customs registration.

Calculation of cost of transportation will be made by our managers in each case individually on the basis of detailed data on cargo: route, vehicle type, character of cargo, weight, volume, freight cost on an invoice, the special conditions of transportation. Send us the completed complication or call us, and the manager will accept the demand by phone.

Thanks to “Transal” you will be able to use competitive tariffs and high-quality service!

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