Full service «door to door» deliveries.

This product is for all types of clients especially for those who:

–           Have no logistic strategies, departments or qualified logistics managers for their foreign economic activities and delegate logistics tasks to specialists,

–           Aspire to keep in their hands methods of optimization of expenditures engaging logistics partners which can economy material resources and explain their actions
Trust the specialists and order everything necessary for delivery of your goods. Just give them necessary addresses and sign documents issued by them.   


We offer a complex of consultation, legal, logistics and transport operations for “door-to-door” deliveries:


  • Research, calculation, consultation, documentary and negotiation services necessary for delivery.
  • Performance ofstorage, terminal, customs and payer services  for acceptance and delivery of goods in necessary quantity and package and with documents  necessary to match customer’s interests and safety of goods.
  • Transportation of goods to necessary addresses using progressive logistic solutions and technologies.
  • Delivery of goods to the customer with all necessary procedures for продукцииснеобходимымипроцедурамипо validation of commercial and logistics decisions and legalization of goods.


By order of the customer  «TransAl»:

  1. will pick up the goods within necessary terms and in necessary assortment and package, observing conditions of delivery contract in optimal for the customer format of relations.  
  2. Will make necessary warehousing, documentary, customs, preloading  and loading procedures being a representative for delivery of goods acting for matching of maturities, acceptance and delivery, providing transportation, insurance, страховую and sometimes financial part of the contract in accordance with Incoterms applied.
  3. Provides optimal character of delivery in complex using the knowledge of all advantages of local legislation and legislation of exporters; will hold negotiations taking into account customer’s interests and will arrange the insurance;
  4. Will provide customs clearance, will reload and deliver goods from warehouse to consignee with all necessary certifications and expertise.
  5. Will provide necessary reports and documents for validation and legalization of goods, will be representative for parties concerning defaulted or changed obligations, will provide qualified pre-trial help and claim part of delivery contract.

Why «TransAl»?


  • We know how to effect a deal taking into account numerous requirements of parties, theory and a very wide experience of foreign economic activity
  • We receive necessary information  for foreign economic activity and statutable actions from our partners
  • We use most optimal schemes for foreign economic operations on  4PL, and “due diligence” principles which consider laws and rules of commercial activities of countries participating in deal
  • We optimize expenditures of parties provide inexpensive expertise and certification
  • We’re working with organizations responsible for  shipping documents, and additional permits and necessary procedures for foreign economic activity,
  • We’reworkingdirectlywithparticipantsofinfrastructure, makepayments, provideaccountingandprotectiveactivityinfavorofpartiesofadeal
  • We’re liable for responsibilities of parties keeping files within 5 years after a deal, provide statistical,  legal, customs, financial, control and accounting functions,


Being based on the use of a complex of logistic decisions in most cases the final price of the complex of services is lower than total sum of expenses for using products of different companies providing separate logistic services.


Obvious advantages of complex solution of logistics tasks:


– avoidance of conflict of interests between participants of  logistic chain. We’re responsible to a customer for possible inconveniences

– common requirements to calculations and documentation. We control logics of sequence and responsibility ourselves

– terms responsibilities concern the whole complex of logistics operations, not only separate links of it. We’re responsible for term of delivery and don’t look for warrants beyond our responsibility.

– customer doesn’t know about problems but only sees the result.

Goods and equipment delivered as “door-to-door” shipment:


  • Food stuff, consumer goods, household appliances;
  • Equipment for government facilities and other enterprises of high level of responsibility and accounting.
  • Printing equipment and expendable materials
  • Manufacturing equipment and construction materials;
  • Measuring and precision equipment.
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