About our company  

General information

  • The Freight Company «TransAl», Ltd.
  • 050013 Kazakhstan, Almaty, sq. of Republic 15, # 555
  • Individual member of FIATA since 1996
  • General director Mr. Vassiliy Korolyov
  • Associative member of KFFA since 1997
  • The main activities:

◦                     all kinds of international transports (truck, air, rail);

◦                     consolidates cargoes from Europe to Kazakhstan and Central Asia;

◦                     forwarding, tracking, guarding;

◦                     all kinds of transit operations;

◦                     insurance;

◦                     customs declarations and brokers’ services;

◦                     all kinds of consulting;

◦                     warehousing services;

◦                     all kinds of exhibition logistics;

◦                     marketing plans and monitoring;

◦                     seminars on international transport logistics.


Our history:

  • Foundation date: 1995, re-registered in 1996
  • Founder: Mr. Vassiliy V. Korolyov

Steps of development:

  • Joining the international Union Transport Network Inc.;
  • Became a member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), Gold Medallion Member;
  • Since 2000 we service the partners of IELA (International Exhibition Logistics Associates) in Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
  • Since 1999 our company organizes the consolidated deliveries from Europe, including all logistics operations on all territories of our services;
  • In 2000 our company has started the training seminars in legislative management of international logistics;
  • Since 1996 the company realizes its projects in franchising pockets;
  • In 2000 our company together with the partners has established the Chamber of Commerce and Handicraft, Almaty city;
  • In 2002 we have concluded agreements with some high schools of Kazakhstan and Germany about co-operational specialists training in international logistics.


Achievements and results:

From terminal agent the company has became one of leading import operator in full logistics services format, irrespective of country of origin.

1999 – the company has won the II International Transport Award (Madrid, Spain),

2001 – we have won the International Gold Star of Quality (Geneva),

in 2002 and 2003  – the company “TransAl” has been nominated to:

–         the honorary French award “Gold Medal of SPI”,

–         the Golden Five Continents Award for Quality and Excellence;

–         the Golden Europe Award for Quality;

–         the Century International Quality Era Award in the Gold category.


1998-1999 – a range of company’s products (“lazy leasing”, “franchising in logistics operations” etc.) are recognized by some Europe Chambers of Commerce as being standard supporters with innovation character.


The main features (heading for different markets, cargo types, operations etc.):

  1. Our company heads on services of logistics principal in supporting the import in the most optimal Incoterms positions, searching for customers and partners on all serviced territories, rendering the wide range of agent and representation services.
  2. We specialize in sphere of science intensive logistics services, offering project works and calculations with attracting the poly-klaster and inter-modal schemes based on the cost optimization principle. After this we present the management, financial instruments and “functional trust”.
  3. Our company is optimal in servicing the scheduled, project and so called “small cargoes”, consolidated and “break bulk” cargoes, as well as exhibition logistics, air, truck and container deliveries.
  4. We offer the wide range of consulting, legal and expert services. Our specialists carry out great research, training and promotional work.
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