Directions of training and consultations work:

1. Indoor general and professional training of company’s stuff within frames of individual plans of permanent education. (term is from 6 month, training contract, programs of general and professional training)(at request)

2. Consultation work in companies – participants of foreign economic activity (subscriber’s form, single consultation, pilot projecting). Is provided within frames of «consultations» product

3. Training – consultation seminars for stuff of companies – participants of foreign economic activity.


  1. «Transportation logistic management. Legal support of international logistics in Kazakhstan”.

2. «Correction of customs value. Disputes with customs authorities concerning customs value”.

3. «Optimization of logisticsexpenditures».


Training products of our company are oriented to transfer of skills of efficient logistics behavior based on experience and theory of logistics calculations in real economical conditions. Meant for practical use of progressive technologies by everybody who isn’t indifferent to what he pays the money for and what is possible to do for:

  • Reduce of expenditures and delivery problems solution
  • Extension of logistic possibilities
  • Improvement of quality of logistic production.


Practice shows that taking into account world’s practice and theory of logistics it’s possible to optimize the decisions within short periods and to revert to those decisions which were problematic due to complexity and expensiveness.      


This course is meant for:

  • Managers of companies participating in foreign economic activity,
  • Managers taking decisions in procurement and sales,
  • Managers controlling calculation, analyses and discharge of delivery contracts’ obligations,
  • Insurance and customs brokers,
  • Surveyors and average agents,
  • Specialists of marketing, foreign economic activity, logistics and transportation, legal departments.

After the course the participants will:

  • Have idea about current state of affairs in transportation and documentary logistics
  • Have idea about principles and technologies of logistics decisions in foreign economic activity
  • Have an understanding of relations with forwarders and shippers as well as with all elements of logistic infrastructure: customs, transportation, warehouses, etc.

Additionally to basic courses practical training where listeners are given a possibility to use theoretical knowledge received at the course.

Every participant will be provided a set of training materials and tested at the end of the course. If a participant passes the test he/she will be given a certificate.


We will do our best to make our seminar maximum effective for you.

Contact our company:

  • To receive annotation, training programs, forms and terms acceptable for you
  • To receive information about groups, address and dates of nearest seminars.
  • For registrationin waitlists
  • To order a seminar in the customer’s territory
  • Individualschedules of our trainers’ visits
  • Development of individual offer, schedule and program for you
  • To know about possibilities of practice in our company
  • Offers for extension of themes of courses, partnership and cooperation in training of logistic specialist
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